The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) is the leading association for the industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution channel. PTDA exists to advance the industrial power transmission/motion control distribution channel and empower members to be successful, profitable and competitive in a changing market environment.

Core Values and Beliefs 

Collaborative and Committed

PTDA members passionately believe in working together for the common good of the industry. We willingly share ideas, insights, understanding and skills that benefit the industry as a whole and recognize our collective knowledge improves the industry in ways we cannot by working alone.


We value operating with a sense of community, welcoming members from all sectors of the power transmission/motion control industry. We provide venues for networking, foster relationship building, build trust by treating one another with fairness and respect, and actively seek to grow our community. We are committed to educating our members and their employees about the business and the markets they serve.

Excellence and Stewardship

As a best-in-class organization, PTDA values business acumen and demonstrates it through technical excellence, informed decision making, leadership and vision. We operate with honesty and integrity, upholding the highest legal and professional ethics.

Our Envisioned Future

  • PTDA will increasingly be vital to the success of the power transmission/motion control distribution channel.
  • PTDA will continue to be the most relevant association for PT/MC distributors and manufacturers in the industry.
  • PT/MC distributors and manufacturers will recognize and turn to PTDA as their primary resource for industry tools, knowledge, and trends.
  • PTDA members will actively identify, develop and use association programs, products and services. 
  • PTDA will provide unique benefits through value-added differentiators you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Employees at all levels within PTDA member companies will engage with PTDA as a place to learn, contribute, network, volunteer and lead.
  • Through PTDA’s advocacy efforts, the value proposition PT/MC distributors provide within the industry will be seen as vital to delivering total value of manufactured parts and services to end customers. PTDA member companies will gain new business, membership will increase, and member companies will be eager to fund and support continued advocacy efforts.
  • Employees within member companies and representatives from prospective member firms will seek out PTDA-sponsored networking opportunities to build productive relationships with PT/MC colleagues and will look to PTDA for leadership development.
  • The PTDA Industry Summit will be seen as the destination of choice for manufacturer and distributors to network.