Warren Pike Award

The PTDA Warren Pike Award recognizes lifetime achievement in the power transmission/motion control industry. Named for PTDA’s first president and co-founder, the award honors individuals who have demonstrated outstanding, continuous, long-term support of the Association and the industry. The award was established in 1984 and is only presented when an individual’s achievements merit this prestigious recognition.

Chris Bursack Honored with Warren Pike Award
Joining the ranks of 30+ industry champions, Chris Bursack, ISC Companies, a division of Weimer Bearing and Transmission, was honored with the PTDA Warren Pike Award. Chris's loyalty to his trade, his peers and the advancement of the industry garnered him this top accolade.

Bursack spent most of his career in the PT/MC industry with ISC Companies, now a division of Weimer Bearing & Transmission. He’s known for his loyalty to his trade, peers and advancement of the industry. Through his involvement with PTDA, he’s been a member of at least seven task forces and committees and served on the PTDA Board of Directors, including as treasurer twice.

“People don’t know we are here but what we do is vital for virtually every aspect of modern life,” shared Bursack while accepting his award. “We work in the lumber industry—we house people. We work in the meat packing plant and the dairy—we feed people. We work in the pharmaceutical industry—we help people heal. We work in the printing industry—we help educate people. We work in the automotive industry—we transport people. To stand here today, as part of an industry as important as ours and to have my name listed with such an august group of leaders who have received the Warren Pike award, I am both incredibly honored and incredibly humbled.”

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Past Warren Pike Award Recipients
2022 Michael Cinquemani 2004 Bob Callahan
2021 Pamela Kan 2003 David J. Witwer
2020 Bill Childers 2001 Ralph Rivera
2018 Ken Miko 1999 James A. Minton
2017 Andy Nations 1998 Gene Addington
2016 Keith Nowak 1997 Robert M. Oberholzer
2015 John Masek 1996 Gary Dulmes
2014 Kevin McCloskey 1995 Gary C. Martin
2012 Barbara J. Ross 1994 George E. Flolo
2011 Carlos O. Ingram 1993 Byron E. Griffin
2010 W. Penny Omnès 1991 E.C. (Chuck) Roamer
2009 Alan Haveson 1990 Paul Fuller
2008 Douglas Savage 1988 Irving Patron
2007 James T. Moore II 1987 James A. Creech (posthumously)
2006 Roger A. Pennycook 1984 Warren Pike
2005 Girard G. “Jerry” Etheridge, Jr.